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Open Road Racing

Have you ever wanted to drive flat out down a winding state highway, safely, with the Highway Patrol’s help? Of course, you have - everyone has and now you can do all that and much much more

Open Road Racing is the event to experience it all. It is much more than the race itself. It’s the total overall experience that has something for everyone. The socializing at night at the hotel is wonderful.

You will be reminded of the old days of road racing with communities welcoming you with lunches and dinners in the park. The entire town turns out to watch the racers parade. The One Mile Shootout (a standing start solo drag race over a one mile course), is bragged to be one of the most exciting runs in the country.

A typical Open Road Race is approximately 118 miles in length and is run in two legs of about 59 miles each. You stop at the halfway point for breakfast and then have a 59 mile return run. The highway has been closed and safely is monitored by the Highway Patrol. You drive what ever the highway throws at you – there are lots of sweeping curves, tight curves, and long straights. Through all of this, you need to maintain the average speed that you have chosen to run.

Open Road Racing is run like a rally with maximum speeds (for the unlimited class) of 200 MPH. You get to pick your class, from 80 MPH to unlimited, depending on your driving experience and vehicle’s safety equipment. The experience and challenge is just as much fun for the 80 MPH class as it is for the 140 MPH class.

The LSCC “Open Road Race Team” (all members welcome) is so good that other racers hate to see us show up. We kick butt! LSCC conducts rookie training prior to the races (that everyone comes to for the fun) and will help you in any way to make sure it is a fun, safe, and exciting event for you and yours.

Open Road Racing has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for various community organizations in the towns where the races occur.

This is a family event so, if you like a challenge,love the thrill of speed, and want to race as safely as possible, come on out this year.

For any question or additional information contact:
     Mike Black
     Open Road Racing Coordinator

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The Big Bend Open Road Race is April 24 - 27, 2019

The April race takes place on US Highway 285 South from Fort Stockton to Sanderson and back (about 59.0 miles each way - or 118.0 miles).

Welcome to the SORC!                        August 7 - 10, 2019


The Sandhills Open Road Challenge is a 55-mile rally style open road race through the scenic Nebraska Sandhills. Arguably the most demanding event of its kind in America, the SORC offers a duanting series of "S" curves, straights, and 90-degree turns to challenge the most talented of drivers. The SORC pioneered the concept of the one-mile shoot out in 2002 and enjoys great popularity with drivers and spectators alike.


Nevada Open Road Classic                May 16 - 19, 2019


Silver State Classic Challenge                September 12 - 15, 2019

Twice each year the Silver State Classic Challenge, Inc., a non-profit corporation, closes State Route #318 between Lund and Hiko, Nevada with permits issued by the State of Nevada, for the running of these unique automotive events. The journey traverses 90 miles of fenced, two lane highway with long straights, twisty sections and dips.


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


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