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Tips For A Successful Rotating Charity Presentation

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One of the core values of Lone Star Corvette Club (LSCC) is giving back to our community. Each year, LSCC members select a Rotating Charity, which will receive a portion of the funds raised in the Auctions at our annual event, the Lone Star Corvette Classic. The Classic takes place in May of each year, and proceeds from the Auction are distributed to the Club’s beneficiaries in the Fall.

LSCC hosts presentations from Rotating Charity candidates at a Club Meeting in the 1st quarter of the year.  Following the presentations, members vote, and the organization receiving the most votes is named the Rotating Charity for that year.

The following requirements for eligible organizations must be met:

• Sponsored by an LSCC Member. 

• Provision of documentation of a 501C(3) designation from the IRS.

• Presentation of the organization’s mission and service at the designated Club meeting. 

• Provision of a short article for the Club Newsletter. The organization should include their mission, goals, activities, and beneficiaries.

Here’s a few tips to make your organization stand out:

• Put your best foot forward at the presentation: videos, slideshows ,demonstrations, testimonials, and brochures          featuring your organization are all encouraged.

• Make sure your presentation clearly answers these questions:

• What is your mission? 

• What percentage of your organization’s revenue goes toward your mission? 

• Who receives assistance from your group? How do you select your recipients?  

• How are you funded? Do you receive funds from national organizations?  

• Do you use volunteers? Where and how do you get volunteers? 

Historically, Rotating Charities that do these things are the most successful:

• Make your appeal personal – our members want to know who you are helping. If you can introduce us to a recipient, or can relate a personal story, it helps us understand what you do and who benefits from your work

• Tell us why you need our help specifically – are you a local group, a group that does not have access to national funding, a group that assists a small segment of society? 

• Talk to the member sponsoring your organization, or contact an LSCC Officer, and get to know our Club; tailor your presentation to the LSCC membership.

We greatly appreciate your time and effort to make these presentations. If you have questions,  use the Club website, to, “Contact Us”. Feel free to call any Officer, we’re happy to talk with you!


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