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Lone Star Corvette Club

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Want to show your Vette off?

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Must be a LSCC Member

Want to show your Vette off?

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Must be a LSCC Member


Every year Lone Star Corvette Club participates in

Ken Burks (the coordinator) picks multiple cars to show each year.  He likes to rotate cars every year, so every member
of Lone Star Corvette Club has a chance to display their
Autorama happens every February

2024 Autorama
February 16th - 18th

We had a great showing this year.  CONGRATULATIONS to the Winners

Ronnie Norcross - 1st Place
Mike Hall - 2nd Place
Kevin Kessler - 3rd Place
Duanne Dewart - 1st Place
Barnard Woods - 1st Place
Bryan Williams - Class Award

It was a tough show.

2024 Autorama

2023 Autorama
February 17th-19th

Here are the members that displayed their corvettes and the award they won

Gary Swan - C1 Semi Sport - 2nd Place
Gary Swan - C2 Full Sport - 3rd Place
Kirk and Cindy Dale - C3 Domestic Sport - 2nd Place
Craig and Laura Satterfield - C4 Domestic Sport - 1st Place
Chris Parker - C5 Domestic Sport - 3rd Place
Brad Guthrie - C6 Domestic Sports - 1st Place
Bill and Monica Bignall - C7 Domestic Sport - Class Award
Joe Steele - C8 Conservative Sport 97-20 - 1st Place

Lone Star Corvette Club won 2nd place for Club Display


2023 Autorama

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