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LSCC Monthly Meeting
Casa Cha Cha - 6/13/2015

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New Highlighted Event!
26th Annual Classic: Wrap-Up
Our 26th Annual Classic is over and in spite of the sketchy weather all events were held with only a few minor delays or inconvenience. The overall attendance was down a bit from last year’s 25th Anniversary but that was expected since that was such a milestone event and our weather threatened most of the week. We welcomed our old friends who always support us and met many new people who attended their 1st Classic. We had participants & guests from 15 states, Michigan, Wisconsin and Virginia the farthest, plus Australia and the Netherlands.

We had over 750 participants included in over 450 registrations for the Classic. Our Friday Kick Up Your Heels Cruise included 220 Corvettes in a 4 mile long caravan from TMS to Circle R Ranch in Flower Mound under the guidance of 14 Denton County law enforcement officers who controlled every intersection assuring us a continuous, smooth and safe cruise through the country.

The Saturday Car Show totaled 260 cars in both Member & Non-Member Judged and Show N’ Shine categories. Our Saturday Awards Dinner was well attended and everyone enjoyed our guest speaker - Doug Fehan from Corvette Racing. We welcomed back Weldon Floyd, auctioneer extraordinaire, who not only entertained us but also helped us raise over $15,500.00 for our charities.

Sunday Track Day turned out to be the best day of the entire 3-day Classic. The early morning storms quickly turned to clear blue skies and the limited number of stalwarts hung in there and enjoyed a great track day with multiple runs on both the Oval and Road Course as the lines were extremely short. We had 17 participants sign-up for the activities on site, several just taking a chance that we were open and we may have actually recruited 2 new members for our efforts.

I want to thank all who participated; especially all our coordinators and volunteers who help make this event happen. See you May 20 – 22, 2016!

John Raiden - Classic Officer 2015

Car Show Results!

Club Challenge Winners

1st Non Club Club of Oklahoma
2nd Sam Houston Corvette Club
3rd Permian Basin Corvette Club

Specialty Picks

Kid's Choice Mark DeDecker 1971 Burgandy
NCM Insurance Agency's Choice Dean Stiles 2014 Red
Classic Chevrolet's Choice Roger Hall 2014 Blade Silver
Texas Motor Speedway's Choice Tweety Berg 2015 Velocity Yellow Tintcoat
Classic Officer's Choice Jerry Ensey 2009 Victory Red
President's Choice Chad Brownlow 1978 Black & Silver
Wil Cooksey's Choice Tony Pittman 2007 Atomic Orange
Doug: Best Cutest Trunk Sherry Harvey 2005 Millennium Yellow
Doug: Best Custom Concept mark baker 2000 red( looks like a 1967 vette)
Doug Fehan's Choice Bill Preston 1957 Black
Nick Cole's Choice Jim Clyde 1977 black
Dollie Cole Memorial Award Anton Schoenrock 1962 Copper Mist Silver
Best Paint michael hammer 2015 white
Best Engine Randy Lewis 2010 Red GS
Best Interior Anton Schoenrock 1962 Copper Mist Silver

AutoCross Awards

Place Class Driver Year Color Times
1T C-3/2M Guiette, Michael 1976 Buckskin 75.300 72.086 71.043
1T D-4/3M Greenwood, Reed 1989 White 74.313 72.376 70.888
2 D-4/3M Taylor, Richard 2001 Red 77.464 76.367+1 74.629
1T E-5/4M/4Z Orrick, David 2004 Lemans Blue 75.008 72.077 72.140
2T E-5/4M/4Z McGinnis, Michael 2001 Silver 72.485 75.163 999.999+OFF
3T E-5/4M/4Z Evers, Scott 2003 Red 76.690 73.358 73.066
4 E-5/4M/4Z Howard, Eugene 2002 Electronblue 77.631 75.771 74.264
5 E-5/4M/4Z Wallace, Richard 2001 Red 79.042 75.840 74.980
6 E-5/4M/4Z Bullard, Robert 2003 Gray 79.185 79.492 79.906
7 E-5/4M/4Z Smith, Joy 2000 Green Metallic 135.840+DNF 93.352+1 999.999+DNF
1T F-6/5Z/5M Burt, Andy 2009 Jetstream Blue 69.045+DNF 67.480 67.717
2T F-6/5Z/5M Phillips, Brian 2008 Black 69.746 69.192 69.264
3T F-6/5Z/5M Babiasz, Thomas 2009 Cyber Gray 74.619 74.373 72.410
4T F-6/5Z/5M Murray, Jeffrey 2010 Velocity Yellow 76.764 73.924 72.679
5T F-6/5Z/5M Smith, Mick 2003 Torch Red 76.103 75.810 73.156
6 F-6/5Z/5M Thomas, Dennis 2012 Cyber Gray 78.979+DNF 73.176 90.635
7 F-6/5Z/5M Murray, Timothy 2007 Monterey Red 79.364+DNF 75.529 74.851
8 F-6/5Z/5M Taylor, Rusty 2011 Silver 75.203 75.674 75.338
9 F-6/5Z/5M Richardson, Jon 2003 Red 75.473+1 70.434+DNF 68.317+DNF
10 F-6/5Z/5M McCullough, Donald 2009 Yellow 999.999+OFF 102.004+DNF 89.019+DNF
11 F-6/5Z/5M Specht, Richard 2008 Velocity Yellow 97.371+DNF 74.155+DNF 96.074+DNF
1T G-7/6Z/6GS/6M/ZR1 Smith, Jeff 2014 Arctic White 67.995 67.574 65.000
2T G-7/6Z/6GS/6M/ZR1 Parker, John 2014 Gray 68.681 65.129 63.509+DNF
3T G-7/6Z/6GS/6M/ZR1 Lowe, Brenner 2014 White 72.823 67.675 65.520
4T G-7/6Z/6GS/6M/ZR1 Hermann, Chad 2014 Laguna Blue 68.550 67.343 66.597
5T G-7/6Z/6GS/6M/ZR1 Slaughter, John 2010 Gray 69.836 68.544 67.119
6T G-7/6Z/6GS/6M/ZR1 Vavrinak, Keith 2011 Silver 71.105 67.502 67.964
7T G-7/6Z/6GS/6M/ZR1 McBride, Kevin 2010 Cyber Gray 999.999+OFF 70.134 68.135
8T G-7/6Z/6GS/6M/ZR1 Corder, Dennis 2010 Yellow 71.255 70.787 68.279
9 G-7/6Z/6GS/6M/ZR1 Chandler, J.D. 2014 Red 71.186 69.054 68.424
10 G-7/6Z/6GS/6M/ZR1 lowe, charles 2014 White 69.531+1 73.190+3 68.883
11 G-7/6Z/6GS/6M/ZR1 Greenwood Jr, James 2009 Atomic Orange 75.515 73.709 71.138
12 G-7/6Z/6GS/6M/ZR1 Meyers, Mike 2012 Crystal Red 73.652 73.096 74.033
13 G-7/6Z/6GS/6M/ZR1 Wright, Ron 2014 Laguna Blue 73.416 136.930+DNF 79.674+DNF
14 G-7/6Z/6GS/6M/ZR1 Parker, Bibiana 2014 Gray 79.919 74.028 74.544
15 G-7/6Z/6GS/6M/ZR1 Brown, Susan 2013 Gray 101.299+DNF 79.921 79.598
16 G-7/6Z/6GS/6M/ZR1 Gilmore, Gary 2013 Yellow 95.657 88.696 79.760
17 G-7/6Z/6GS/6M/ZR1 Corder, Barbara 2010 Yellow 84.916 84.342 82.457
1T I-LRR Morrison, Robert 1998 Blue 66.706 65.649 64.663
2 I-LRR Smith, Chad 2012 Black 74.960 72.085 68.430

Judged: Non-Member

1953-1962 Class Winner Bill Preston 1957 Black
1963-1967 Class Winner eddie franklin 1963 Red
1974-1982 Class Award John Archer 1974 Custom Red
  Class Winner Chad Brownlow 1978 Black & Silver
1984-1996 Coupe Class Winner corkey day 1992 white
1997-2000 Coupe Class Award robert whitaker 1998 pewter
  Class Award John Archer 1999 Magnite Red
  Class Winner Elvis Fuller 2000 Navy Blue
2001-2004 Coupe Class Winner James Williams 2002 Torch Red
2001-2004 Convertible Class Winner Russell Payne 2003 Black
2005-2008 Coupe Class Award Justin Archer 2007 Montery Red
  Class Award Jesse Smith 2008 Metalic Atomic Orange
  Class Winner Kenny Chuculate 2007 Black
2005-2008 Convertible Class Award Martha Floyd 2007 Blue
  Class Winner Eric West 2008 White
2009-2013 Coupe Class Winner K.C. Pruitt 2009 Jetstream Blue
C7 Coupe Class Award Denny Parsons 2014 Laguna Blue
  Class Award Robert Jones 2014 Laguna Blue
  Class Award Cleo Ruck 2015 Midnight Race Blue
  Class Winner Dean Stiles 2014 Red
C7 Z06 Class Award Kevin Pool 2015 Daytona Sunrise Orange
  Class Winner Louis Alonzo 2015 Laguna Blue
1999-2004 Z06 Class Winner Michael Spaziani 2004 Blue
2006-2013 Z06/427 Convertible Class Award Chris Kinsall 2006 Yellow
  Class Award Jerry Ensey 2009 Victory Red
  Class Winner James Webb 2013 White
2009-2013 ZR1 Class Winner Daniel Gallineau 2010 Crystal Red
C6 Grand Sport Coupe Class Winner Rick Williams 2010 Silver/ Black
C6 Grand Sport Convertible Class Award Melia Thomas 2012 Torch Red
  Class Winner Kevin Merrill 2013 Torch Red
Custom C1-C7 Class Award Wayne Brown 1964 Red
  Class Award Bill Parker 1980 Silver
  Class Winner Melissa Weaver 2007 Red

Judged: LSCC Members

1963-1967 Class Winner Gordon Graves 1967 Elkhart Blue
1968-1973 Class Award Hugh Preacher 1972 Targa Blue
  Class Award John Glennie 1969 Daytona Yellow
  Class Winner Steven Allison 1970 Marlboro Maroon
1984-1996 Coupe Class Award Gaye Sturgill 1996 Torch Red
  Class Winner Richard Way 1996 Blue
1997-2000 Coupe Class Winner Wayne Allen 1997 Torch Red
2001-2004 Coupe Class Award Duane Keys 2003 Anniversary Red
  Class Winner Mac Bernd 2001 Torch Red
2005-2008 Convertible Class Award Dominic Costanzo 2006 Machine Silver
  Class Award Sherry Harvey 2005 Millennium Yellow
  Class Winner Patrick Daddino 2007 Black
2009-2013 Convertible Class Winner Rusty Taylor 2011 Silver
C7 Coupe Class Winner Tweety Berg 2015 Velocity Yellow Tintcoat
C7 Z06 Class Winner John Ryan 2015 Black
2006-2013 Z06/427 Convertible Class Award Mark Benton 2011 Supersonic Blue
  Class Winner Ted Trybek 2008 Crystal Red
C6 Grand Sport Coupe Class Winner Richard Atkins 2013 Black
Custom C1-C7 Class Award Bob Hora 2010 Crystal Red Metallic
  Class Award Charlie Magill 2001 Black
  Class Winner Tony Pittman 2007 Atomic Orange

Top 50

Non-Members: Members:
Jeff Aldrich John Raiden
Jonathan Anderson Danny Richardson
Dan Arnold Jeff Parlato
Eugene Broussard Glen Averhoff
Byron Cline Jerry Holsworth
Todd Crosby Chad Humphries
Regina Dunn Larry Goff
Danny Durham Bob Paton
John Gaskin Joe Hester
Jeff Goodman James Ford
Harold Gregory John Ryan
Fred Gronemeier David Ferneding
Eric Gunter Ernie Perkins
Roger Hall David Hasenbach
michael hammer Steven Allison
Eugene Howard Tom Snodgrass
John Hummel Sharon Troster
Ronald Hunt Larry Bushaw
Shawn Irie Gordon Graves
Kassy Johnson KC Miller
Kim Josey Gaylon Ryan
Pete Karjanis Willis Jones
Nathan Kranson Mark Shipley
Otis Love Phil Metcalf
Kevin Lowe Marilyn Bechtol
Kevin McBride Susanne Johanson
Roy McCasland Daniel Whiffin
John Miceli Larry Ronsko
Jim Monk Jim Cunningham
Rita New Lee Newman
Robert Romsland Markham Jones
Drion Rotan John Main
Anton Schoenrock Bryan Baines
Le Smith Joe Carrion
Randy Vollmer Ed Haven
Richard Wallace Don Sebert
Tommy Williams Randy Osgerby
Rod Prichard Jan Brefczynski
Jason Baker Mike Kirscht
Van Knox Gary Blend
Donald McCullough Glenn Hellyer
Ron Dougherty Jimmy Chavers
Lonzo Gaines James Greenwood Jr
Mark DeDecker Reed Greenwood
Randy Lewis Michael Dawley Jr.
Milton Moody Rick Craig
Ron Celest Jean Hill
Don Brown David McMeen
Martha Floyd Tom Dietrich
Phillip Busch Steve Thomas

Final Awards

Judges Choice Pete Karjanis 1965 Arctic White
Best of Show: Non-Member Bill Preston 1957 Black
Best of Show: Member Dominic Costanzo 2006 Machine Silver

Need more information about the event? Click the "Classic 2015 Information Page" link below for all the details on the event, the vendors, the hotels, and more!

Classic 2015 Information Page

Coming Events

Spring is here. Before the weather gets too hot, take advantage of the Texas weather. There are lots of great events coming up, including this year's classic. Check the Event Calendar often for new events. Check below for some events that we want to highlight.

Corvettes Cruising Galveston

Corvettes Cruising GalvestonHundreds of Corvettes will converge on Galveston for this inaugural event hosted by Corvette World and a group of Houston area Corvette clubs. Lots of activities including a car show down on the Strand, lots of vendors and an 80 mile cruise down the beach. We want to have a good turnout at this event so go to our website for more info, to sign up, and links to their site.

1st Annual Corvettes Cruisin Galveston: 5/29/2015 - 5/31/2015

Please let the Recreational Events Officer, Curt Troster, know of any needed additions or corrections.


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


Corvette Classic
May 15th, 16th, 17th, 2015

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