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About the Lone Star Corvette Club

Good Friends Great Cars

Just bought a new Corvette, or just love them?  You have come to the right place!  The Lone Star Corvette Club is dedicated to the Corvette lifestyle and the people that own them.  Our Club slogan says it all:

Good Friends.…Great Cars!

Founded in 1982, Lone Star Corvette Club now has over 1,000 members – each with his/her own story to tell of how they found that perfect “Vette.”  Based in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex, Lone Star Corvette Club offers just about any activity an owner of “America’s Sports Car” could want: Road Trips, Day Trips, Open Road Racing, Drag Racing, Autocross, NCRS (National Corvette Restorers Society), Car Shows, Displays and Parades, the Lone Star Corvette Classic, Club Meetings, and most of all, fun times with good friends.

Road TripsLone Star Corvette Club takes at least one significant road trip each year, usually in conjunction with a Corvette event.  To get an even better feel about what the Lone Star Corvette Club is all about, click on the “Newsletter” button and read the latest issue of our award winning online newsletter.



   Take me out to the ball game: baseball, hot dogs, and Corvettes.  You can't get more all-American than that!  Some LSCC folks decided to brave the heat, showing their beautiful cars and taking in a Frisco Rough Riders game.  It was hot but the friendship and Vettes made the ball game worth it.

Frisco Roughriders Carshow




Mecum Auto Auction

September 6, 7, 8, & 9, 2017

Mecum Auto Auction Dallas

Dallas Convention Center

Volunteers are needed to move automobiles to the bidding stage.

Registration is required.  All available shifts are open.

Mecum Auction Volunteer Registration





Join the Wichita County Corvette Association for two days of Corvette Roundup Fun!

Register for the North Texas Corvette Roundup

Register Here

2018 Model Year Corvette Production Announcements

·         Begins June 5.

·         Ceases, temporarily, July 28.

·         Last day to order car for build before July 28 is June 12.

·         Plant will be closed 13 weeks for assembly line renovation.

·         Plant tours will cease June 16 for 12 to 18 months.

The 2017 Corvette model year will end on Friday, June 2.  2018 Corvette production starts up on the following Monday (June 5).

Assembly Plant Tours will cease the following day, June 16. Production of the 2018 Corvettes will continue through June and July, and will come to a stop on July 28.

Bowling Green Assembly Plant closes for three months as upgrades to the plant are performed.  The plant’s closure is expected to run August, September, and October.  2018 Corvette production will resume from where it left off on 1 November.

One important date that is still unknown is the official pricing for the 2018 Corvette models.  That usually comes in May or June.

2017 LSCC Classic Autocross Results

The 2017 LSCC Classic Autocross Results are listed on the following club documents.  Click on the "button" for either Results by Class or Results by Raw Time to locate your finishing position. 


2017 LSCC Classic Autocross Results by Class   2017 LSCC Classic Autocross Results by Raw Time

Navigating New Members

LSCC would like new members to feel welcomed and become involved.  A proposal  from the February 25th Brainstorming Meeting was to implement a “Navigator” or “Buddy” Program” to help new members get all the support and enjoyment that comes from being part of our LSCC family.  We also recognize that new members bring new ideas to our Club, and we want to benefit from their input.  Helping new members find their way benefits all of us.  Remember, all of us had or still have friends who made us feel welcomed.

The role of the Navigator or Buddy is make sure the new member feels welcomed, to inform and educate them about Club activities that are available, and to make sure they meet all of the respective coordinators.  The Navigator would ensure new members understand how to access and use the LSCC website.  Perhaps the key role of the Navigator is to encourage new members to have fun attending meetings, participating in events and making good friends.  With all being said, the Navigator should display passionate salesmanship based upon experience as well as knowledge.

We want to geographically match Navigators with new members so that their “face time” outside of meetings is more readily accomplished.  This means Navigators will be recruited from all areas of the Metroplex and greater north Texas.

This is a dynamic program requiring the number of Navigators needed as well as the intensity and the length of the mentoring to be fluid.  The time served, as a Navigator can be open either ended or limited to perhaps a year.  More than likely, a Navigator may find that mentoring multiple new members simultaneously works well.  Ultimately, our goal is to build new and lasting friendships.    We are currently recruiting Navigators and using this time to address questions and to take suggestions.

Direct any questions you may have to Phil Key,

Members may register as Navigators on the LSCC website.


Eureks Springs 26th Annual
  October 5 - 8, 2017

If you have never been on a LSCC caravan, I would like to reach out and invite you to a super fun trip this October.  After all, who does not like to drive the best car made on some of the most beautiful roads in America, enjoy lies with friends during a nice meal and sharing in a well-run, activity-filled weekend with other Corvette enthusiasts.  If this has a spark of interest, well all you need to do is sign up on the LSCC website and save the date.  We are shooting for 50 cars with the hope of finally getting the #1 club participation award, so every car counts!!

As usual, we will have two departure dates.  The shortest, most direct route leaves on Thursday, October 5th, and the other leaves Wednesday, October 4th, and will visit the Walmart Museum and
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art on the way to Eureka Springs, stopping overnight in Rogers, AR.


Registration and Information

Register Here

Corvette Weekend

Competitive Events

Want to find out when and where future events are coming up?  Keep informed at the following web sites located on the Competitive Events Tab:
HPDE events
Open Road Racing

The 2018 Big Bend Open Road Race is To Be Announced

The April race takes place on US Highway 285 South from Fort Stockton to Sanderson and back (about 59.0 miles each way - or 118.0 miles).
Contact Mike Black for more details.
Road Rallies
Contact Dennis Corder, Competitive Events Officer, with any additions or corrections.


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


Corvette Classic
Save the Date
29th Annual Lone Star Corvette Classic
May 18, 19, 20,  2018
"See you at the Track"

Classic Chevrolet
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Visit our sponsor

Speedway Children's Charities
National Corvette Museum
are a permanent LSCC charity
"Click" the logos for more information
Speedway Children's Charities
National Corvette Museum

Patriot PAWS Service Dogs 
is the Lone Star Corvette Club
2017 Rotating Charity
selected by the Membership. 

Patriot Paws Logo


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