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What Can We Do To Help?

One of the purposes for which Lone Star Corvette Club was organized is to “Promote community involvement through charitable activities.” Giving back to our community through volunteer activities and donations is a core value of our Club. In order to make community involvement accessible to all Members, the Board of Directors is proposing the establishment of a program called “What Can We Do To Help?”

On a quarterly basis, Officers will review a list, submitted by Club Members, of worthwhile organizations that will benefit from volunteers or donations from the Club. 

Eligible organizations meet these criteria:

• Operate as a 501C(3) entity.

• Serve their local community.

• Welcome assistance from the Lone Star Corvette Club.

Responsibilities of the Club Member seeking assistance for charitable organizations:

• Submit a request in writing, including full information about the organization and a specific request for assistance, to   the Club President. 

• Act as liaison between the organization and LSCC.

• Conduct due diligence on the organization’s mission and service to the community.

• Serve as coordinator or assistant coordinator for the LSCC volunteers, or coordinate delivery of items donated to    the organization.

Requests for assistance will be reviewed prior to the 1st month of each calendar quarter, and the approved requests will be announced at the 1st Club Meeting of each quarter. At that meeting, plans for providing assistance to the approved organization will be presented to the Membership. 




Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


Classic Fleet
is our official sponsor
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Speedway Children's Charities
National Corvette Museum
are a permanent LSCC charity
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Speedway Children's Charities
National Corvette Museum

is the Lone Star Corvette Club
2021 Rotating Charity as 
selected by the Membership.

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Corvette Club of
South Australia

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LSCC Welcomes New Members

New Members

The role of the Navigator is to welcome new members, inform, educate them about Club activities that are available, and make sure they meet all of the respective coordinators.  The Navigator would ensure that new members understand how to access and use the LSCC website.  The Navigator should encourage new members to have fun attending meetings, participating in events and making good friends.